WiMAX continues to play a major role in Computex 2009

The display of related WiMAX technology and products will continue to be one of the major themes of Computex 2009, highlighted by the participation of more overseas chipset solution vendors and an array of domestic WiMAX CPE suppliers, according to show organizers.
International WiMAX chipset players Intel, Fujitsu, GCT Semiconductor, Rohde & Schwarz International and Sequans Communications all will make strong presences in the annual event, indicated the organizers.

To accommodate the increased number of exhibitors, booths allocated for the exhibition of WiMAX technology and CPE products have been expanded to 700 in 2009, a significant growth from 250 in the previous year, said the organizers.

Meanwhile, a total of 365 Taiwan-based companies have ventured into the WiMAX segment for a combined production value which is expected to surpass NT$10 billion (US$306.75 million) in 2009, up from 2008's NT$6.1 billion, according to data compiled by Taiwan's Industrial Development Bureau (IDB).

BY Irene Chen and Steve Shen

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