28nm chips in early 2011

The industry still hasn’t mastered 40nm chips and these things are still quite rare, but it is already talking about the new 28nm manufacturing process. As we said before this process will be well suited for wireless and graphics chips and our sources have confirmed that you can expect 28nm chips to ship to market in early 2011.
The sources close to Globalfoundries have also confirmed that the company will be ready to take the customers orders in middle 2010 but the first chips won’t be out by early 2011.

The fact that the company has SRAM test chips showcased at Computex means that they are very snatching some TSMC customers away and trying to win some money.

The “separation” of AMD and its manufacturing fabs will definitely put more pressure on TSMC and we definitely stand that competition is a great thing, and it will make lazy TSMC push harder to keep its existing customers.

BY Fuad Abazovic

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