SOA Dead? Report Says SOA Market Hits $10B by 2015

Despite predictions by some analysts that SOA is in the doldrums or dead, a new report sees on-going double-digit growth for SOA projects over the next six years, and surpassing $10 billion by 2015. The report, entitled "SOA Infrastructure Market: Shares, Strategies, and Forecasts, 2009 to 2015", was prepared by Wintergreen Research.
In part the report states: “SOA vendors are finding new ways to support innovation providing software that supports flexible response to changing market conditions…and represents a fundamental change in the way automated process is delivered to replace manual process.”

The projected annual growth of up to 17% per year, the report states, “is a result of IT department efforts to reduce spending on run time and to spend a higher proportion of their budgets on growing the business, the report said. Further SOA provides ‘decoupled’ software solutions that make it cheaper and quicker for IT to update, readjust or even build new add-on capabilities to existing software and integration assets.

A main reason the report remains bullish on SOA spending is that for firms that have invested in SOA projects, SOA [can] represent a way to decrease IT costs by up to 90%.” Also important to SOA’s continued growth is that firms using SOA are learning more and more about ways to best wring the most value from SOA man-hours and budgets.

The report shares several Best Practices for SOA projects, chief among them:
“Implementing SOA needs to be done on an application by application basis. Each of these individual systems and applications has their own way of storing and exchanging business data. Business processes span multiple applications and integrating them to facilitate flow of information using SOA has created challenges for IT.
More information on the report "SOA Infrastructure Market: Shares, Strategies, and Forecasts, 2009 to 2015" is available at Report Buyer.

BY Vance McCarthy
Source:Integration Developer News



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