Microsoft introduce 1st MID installed Windows 7 at Computex 2009.

Computex 2009 is just a few days away. What kind of products or solutions will be raised from this year Computex? We definitely expect official announcement of Arm based Netbooks like with Ndivia��s Tegra or TI��s Omap or Qualcomm��s Snapdragon. Some of Arm based Netbooks has been discovered by few IT medias already like Wistron��s Pursebook which embedded Qualcomm��s Snapdragon chipsets.
Any issue makers from Korea here? Last year, number of Korean manufacturers released their MIDs at the Intel��s showcase like Viliv S5 and S7. Yukyung officially released their first MID call S5 and doing a good job in internationally markets but, still need to be promoted and increase their sales. Especially they are still very quite in local market too.

It seems Microsoft and Viliv working on some special event which will be shows at the MS��s Keynote. Viliv will install Microsoft��s new OS Windows 7 platform to their MID S5. This will make Viliv S5 as first MID which supports Windows 7 in official wise. Great promotion to them and it is way better job rather than putting in a lot of marketing funds. (Link)

Yukyung carry on number of inside projects after launching their first MID S5 to the markets. They was show off X70 Ex and S7 at the CES and CeBIT, those models was 7 inch MIDs which is positioned between 5 inch MIDs and 10.1 inch Netbooks. Yukyung will introduce those 3 models at the Intel��s booth with all kinds of mobile communication modules are embedded.

Here is the list of models�� that they will show off at the Computex 2009.

1. S5, X70 Ex, S7 with embedded WiMAX modem at the Intel��s booth.
2. S5, X70 Ex, S7 with embedded 3G HSDPA modem at the Intel��s booth.
3. S5 with MS��s Windows 7 installed at the Microsoft��s booth.
4. S5, X70 Ex, S7 with embedded TD-SCDMA modem at the Vililv��s private room at Grand Hyatt.
5. S5, X70 Ex, S7 with embedded EVDO modem at the Viliv��s private room at Grand Hyatt.

Also, Yukyung will introduce their 2 new models during the Computex but it��s only for the invited press or partners at their VIP room at Grand Hyatt.

That models are 10 inch and 4.9 inch models, 10 inch seems Netbook sized model may similar type of form factor of S7 which is swivel tablet Netbook. They give us some ideas on 4.9 inch model, it has keyboard which we��ve disappointed from S5. I guess this model is minor upgrade model of S5. Keyboard will be sliding type rather than UMID��s typical laptop style.

I will be at the Computex by myself for company business matter but, I��m unable to give you more updated news for those 2 new models since, I was unable to get their invitation letter. It seems their time table already surround by crowd like many partners and press media.

I hope this Computex become a great opportunities for them to expand their sales and brand to overseas markets rather than any other supports. I think one of their best strategy is their MID is specialized to Korean market. I call its Korean standard MID. Korea has serious issues of active to surfing internet this hold Korean to keep carrying Windows based PCs rather than MacOS or Linux even Windows Mobile, Windows CE, Android won��t appear to Korean who really like use that device as internet purpose. This makes Yukyung to focus their MID to support Windows XP and this requirement brings some highest H/W specs compare to overseas version of MIDs. As we experienced that linux based Netbook is cheap but, still not enough to use this as your PC or laptops. It is very difficult mission to find some S/W and install it to linux based netbook it just isn��t efficient as Windows based PC that you��ve experienced in past.

Let��s see how Yukyung will grip their chances after the Computex 2009 and what other Korean companies will be spot-lighted at the Computex as well. I��m more exciting this than those android and arm chipset based netbook which I will meet during the Computex because, it��s just not for me and our local market I guess.

BY Kevin (Kilmo) Kang, Korea

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