iPhone 3.0 Software Will Be Available June 17. Free for iPhone Users, $9.95 for iPod Touch

Today Apple recapped the highlights of its new iPhone 3.0 software and revealed a few new features, including the ability to download TV and movies over Wi-Fi and a faster Safari browser. There’s also a clever new Find my iPhone feature that will locate your device via GPS, but you will need to be a Mobile Me customer ($99) per year.
iPhone 3.0 will be available starting June 17 for iPhone users and for iPod touch. It will $9.95 for that device.

Apple also showed some cool new apps that tap into iPhone 3.0’s SDK. These include Asphalt 5 (a racing game), Iceberg Reader (for downloading text books and magazines, in addition to regular books), and TomTom (for turn-by-turn GPS).

Cut and paste works across all applications and has undo support. It will also be developer friendly. Users can now type in landscape mode in Mail, Notes, and Messages. MMS allows you to send and receive photos, audio files, and locations over the cell network in real time, all in the same app. AT&T support is coming later this summer for MMS. Why not today? Maybe the network needs to be updated to handle all those media messages.

Spotlight search can find a message you’re looking for. You can use it to find not only e-mail but also Apps. With iTunes, there are some enhancements. You can rent and purchase movies now right from your phone. It also includes TV shows and audio books. Support for iTunes U is right on the phone for education.

Parental controls now gets new features. These include movie shows, TV shows, and apps based on age. Moving on to tethering. This allows you to share your iPhone’s Internet connection with your computer. Works over wired USB or Bluetooth. Apple promises seamless experience on Mac and PC. Apple has announced multiple carriers but not AT&T!

Apple promises 3x faster Javascript support on Safari browser. New HTTP streaming audio and video that automatically picks the best connection. Uses contact info on your phone to fill out Web forms. Auto-fill. iPhone 3.0 also sports HTML 5 support.

With new Find my iPhone feature it will let you locate your device online and send a message that will be audible even if it’s in mute mode. You can also erase all the data remotely. All smart phones should have this feature.

Scott Forstall now going over in-app purchases. Nothing new here but it’s good to know that free apps will remain free. With new peer-to-peer support you can find other devices and connect the two without pairing. Should be good for games. Accessories can talk to the iPhone and share information in new ways. Companion apps can talk over dock connector or Bluetooth.

So what about Maps? Easy for developers to embed Google map service in any application. Will allow devs to do turn-by-turn directions. Push notifications also recapped, which will deliver text and audio alerts and work with apps like instant messaging and ESPN for sports scores.

BY Mark Spoonauer

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