Google Wave - Five Things You Should Know

Over a week ago, on the second day of their I/O conference, Google unveiled Wave - a groundbreaking communication and collaboration tool that melds together email, instant messaging with social networking. You can watch the video here but be forewarned - it's over an hour long.
Here's what you need to know about Google Wave -

1. Google Wave offers a new, unified communication model. Google Wave allows both asynchronous and synchronous modes of communication, allowing for instant messaging type communication within the context of an email.

2. Google Wave incorporates the "social" component. Wave allows you to not only interact with your own messages but also the messages of anyone in your "wave". It's about collaborative communication.

3. Google Wave makes sharing rich content simple. Instead of having to attach photos, video clips and other rich content to an email, Wave allows users to drag and drop this content from the desktop. The simplicity in sharing this content is revolutionary for the corporate user.

4. Google Wave is a platform with a developer API. Wave extensions are 3rd party applications that add value to the platform. Just like in Facebook, developers can build new gadgets that leverage the Wave communication and collaboration platform.

5. Google Wave signals the power of Rich Internet Applications (RIAs). This is no longer your father's Web user experience (UX). The kind of interactivity and user experience that a RIA provides is markedly different from that of an earlier generation of web applications. Google Wave illustrates the new standard for web based UX - all SaaS and cloud based applications must follow suit or be left behind.

Well, there you have it - the five implications of Google Wave... oh, yeah, one more thing. Bing - it's the sound of Microsoft getting trumped again. While they are launching another search engine, Google is remaking communication and collaboration over the Web.

BY Andre Yee

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