Physics will help Nvidia grow

Jensen gave Nvidia investors a nice speech on how PhysX will give the company an edge and help it fight its graphics competitors.
PhysX is available for EA, THQ, Sega and 2K publishing as well as iPhone, and iPhone kind of came as surprise. You cannot play any serious games on an iPhone, but maybe with the new ones the gaming situation might get better. There might be some publishers that we failed to mention.

Some cool games are out, like Mirror's Edge and Sacred 2 and they do support PhysX. The newcomer is Terminator Salvation and should be out with the movie, in a few more days. The interesting part is that Terminator Salvation has a chance to be a good game, as eliminating terminators might be a tough and interesting task. Let’s hope Nvidia will get good PhysX inside.

AMD doesn’t have PhysX but they do support Intel’s Havok physics and it will be interesting to see how this fight goes on, as Intel and AMD are backing up Havok. So far, none of the sides impressed, as both PhysX and Havok accelerated by GPU failed to impress with game adoption rates. However, Nvidia did get more games with PhysX accelerated by GPU, but still not the major, really big and successful ones.

BY Fuad Abazovic

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