iPhone altering game software development

Developers who traditionally created video games for PCs and consoles have shifted gears and started to focus more on mobile game development for the Apple iPhone and other mobile devices.
"The iPhone has changed everything," Former Electronic Arts executive Neil Young told the L.A. Times during an interview.

Interestingly enough, the Apple App Store, which is closing in on 1 billion applications sold, has also helped significantly change the gaming market today. There are around 25,000 different applications available, and the most popular genre of software has been games. Most of them attempt to make use of the iPhone's accelerometers, multitouch screens, and Internet connectons, among other features.

Around one-third of iPhone owners who have purchased product through the App Store have downloaded music game Tap Tap Revenge, which ranges in price from nothing up to $4.99.

As more game companies become interested in developing mobile games, it should be interesting to see how else the gaming industry changes over the years. Developers who traditionally make games ranging in price from $45+, however, are having to deal with iPhone game prices at $10 or less, which is something they must adjust to.

Aside from just phones, Nintendo's popular DS handheld has also drawn game developers to create mobile games, as the handheld console continues to trump the Sony PlayStation Portable on sales charts. The company is closing watching how Apple deals with mobile games, and taking a similar approach as it markets games to producers and consumers.

BY Michael Hatamoto

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