Micro Focus Unveils ‘Cloud for COBOL’ Option

Micro Focus is bringing COBOL to the cloud with its newly-launched Enterprise Cloud Services.

The initiative is designed to enable enterprises to save money and accelerate business modernization by moving their COBOL-based business processes and applications onto a cloud platform. An ECS whitepaper from Micro Focus is available here.
“We believe that Cloud-based architectures will deliver significant and sustained benefit to our customers, accelerating the modernization of their business processes, and extending the use of today’s enterprise applications to reach the global market” said Stuart McGill, CTO, Micro Focus, in a statement. “With our Enterprise Cloud Services, we can truly evolve the way enterprises consume IT.”

In early deployments, Micro Focus said it’s findings suggest that organizations using ECS could cut up to 90% of on-going expenses for maintaining and updating COBOL apps. Aside from the technology benefits, Micro Focus said its ECS platform will let companies explore and implement new business models -- without having to replace or rewrite the enterprise applications typically written in COBOL and with minimal operational risk to the business.

Cloud computing lets organizations run applications wherever they want to run them, regardless of backend infrastructure or platform. Micro Focus said its Enterprise Cloud Services works with all major cloud computing platforms giving customers more choices and allowing them to take advantage of the business and economic values of the cloud while building their applications with familiar development tools, languages, frameworks, and infrastructures.

Microsoft Keen on Micro Focus’ ECS
Microsoft is taking a particular interest in the initiative which supports .NET web services and .NET framework approaches to SOA. Micro Focus’ launch of Enterprise Cloud Services follows its announcement to deliver enterprise COBOL to Microsoft’s Azure Services Platform.

“Micro Focus continues to be a leader in advancing the true value of Enterprise COBOL applications with forward looking technologies from Microsoft,” said Dino Chiesa, Director of Product Management, Connected Systems Division at Microsoft, in a statement.

“Taking advantage of our cloud computing initiative is the next logical step in the evolution of Micro Focus’ Application Modernization Solution offering—creating new business benefits and lower cost of ownership, increasing the value of these solutions for our customers,” Chiesa added.

BY Vance McCarthy - vance@idevnews.com
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